Lorenz A.I.S. 3000 RT

Receiver/ Transmitter AIS – Easy to connect

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The commercial navigation has reached new security levels thanks to the AIS technology (Automatic Identification System). Through the AIS transponders it is possible to send its own position and to receive other boats position, avoiding crashes when lacks of visibility are present, even where the Radar is not able to detect obstacles.
From now every kind of recreational boat can completely take benefit of the AIS technology , not only receiving other boats broadcasts but sending its own too. AIS 3000 RT is an approved class B transmitter, designed for recreational boat.
Connecting the Lorenz AIS 3000 to a VHF antenna , it sends its own navigational data as:

-Boat name
-Boat dimensions
-Kind of boat
-MMSI international identity


190 x 175 x 91 mm

power supply

12V DC (9.6-15.6V )

Power of transmission



With GPS Antenna, manual,connection cables, Configuration software.


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