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Lorenz Marine – Since 1975

Lorenz Marine

Lorenz Marine manufactures navigational instruments for working and recreational vessels , offering to its costumers easy to use equipments. Born in 1974, from the beginning, Lorenz Marine is committed in advanced technologies experimentation, reaching a complete reliability and manufacturing tools with a considerable simplicity of use on board.

The new production of the Lorenz instruments is based on an easy and adaptable policy, as matter of fact , thanks to its characteristic functions, designed by professionals in the field, it guarantees a comfortable, cheap and complete experience in every aspect.

All the Lorenz Marine marketing is managed by Faser Srl , located in Varazze, in Liguria (Italy) , founded in 1958 by Oscar Zanetti, a 25 years young and ambitious man.

At present, Faser Srl is a leader company in the naval telecommunications field and in the navigation electronic, one of the best Italian company in the Yachting area, it cares of electronic set up on board of Yacht which dimensions change from 50mt up to 70mt. Moreover, Faser Srl, was the First company across Europe to have brilliantly carried out a 70mt commission of a bridge , equipped with navigational, communication, monitoring, audio-video and automation equipments.

Lorenz Marine great commercial successes , both in Italy and abroad, are the worthwhile proof concerning the capability of these instruments to satisfy any costumer need , since they are studied in function of who will use them Our clients range is very huge, We supply equipment starting from small recreational boats, yachts up to satisfy the hard to please needs of the professional fishing.

Our team is made up of a young, dynamic and expert staff, with a long-time experience in the field. Offering any kind of technical assistance, We guarantee a dedicated and efficient support service.