KR1968 19” Marine Radar/w AIS Display/ Target Tracking Arpa

19-inch large screen display, for a clearer visual of targets

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Display Unit (KRD-1901)
Control Unit (KRK-1001)
Antenna Unit : (KR-1968 – KRA-2004/3001)
Antenna Cable (KRC-005-10/15/20)
10/15/20/30m (Specify when ordering)
POWER CABLE (KRP-002-0), 3m
Standard spare parts and installation materials


Technical data:

Antenna unit:

Slotted waveguide array
Length and rotation speed Default: Open-Array 120cm (RA12), 24RPM
Optional: Open-Array 180cm (RA18), 24RPM
Wind load Relative wind 100 knots
Beamwidth RA12: Hor: 1.9° Vert: 22° RA18: Hor: 1.2° Vert: 22°


RF Transceiver:

Frequency 9410±30MHz (X-band)
Peak output powertion speed 6KW/12.5kW nominal
Mixer and local oscillator
Microwave Integrated Circuit
If 60 MHz
Bandwidth: 25MHz (0.08/0.3 μ s), 3MHz (0.8 μ s)


Display unit:

19” LED backlight, 32-bit TFT Color LCD
Display 1280(V) x 1024(H) dots


Enviroment & Power

Temperature Display unit: -15 to +55°C
Antenna Unit : -25 to +70°C
Power Supply 24 VDC, 180W
(40W in economy mode)


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